Additional Features of PayBillBD

Lots of Administrative Features Has Been Developed in Paybillbd Billing Solution. This Web-Based Solution Allows Administrator to Login Securely at Admin Panel from Anywhere To:

  1. Create package
  2. Billing profile – generate invoice with own logo
  3. Automatic user lock/unlock (IPTSP and ISP)
  4. User authentication and validation by mobile number
  5. Monitor user activities
  6. Monitor collection
  7. Notification of payment by mail or SMS
  8. User profile from registration (end user and reseller)
  9. SMS shoot for notification and promotion
  10. CSV export
  11. SAS model (subscription-based solution)

User Of ISP/ IPTSP Can Enjoy Trouble Free Billing Service from Service Provider. Users Will Be Privileged For:

  1. Registration by 3 steps
  2. Update profile
  3. Get OTP (one-time password) while log in
  4. Get notification before service suspended for billing
  5. Get invoice by mail
  6. Choose package
  7. Shift package
  8. Follow-up usages
  9. Can pay bill online from anywhere any time
  10. Promotional benefit (cash back/discount) for online payment
  11. Financial statement